Odradek, obra de Jordi Llovet, en el suelo de la casa de Vila-Matas en Barcelona.

Odradek, obra de Jordi Llovet, en la escalera de la casa de Vila-Matas en Barcelona.

En Malmö, Suecia tendrá lugar una interesante reunión o congreso de Odradeks en el que participarán diversos autoers de distintos países. Debemos la información a Thomas Bunstead (UK) Opening: February 16, 2018, 7pm / Malmö Konsthall  S:t Johannesgatan 7  SE-205. Malmö Sweden Facebook / Instagram  Nairy Baghramian, Katinka Bock, Henri Jacobs, Laura Lamiel, Judith Scott, Hassan Sharif, Oscar Tuazon and Franz Erhard Walther In his short story “The Cares of a Family Man,” first published in 1919, Franz Kafka introduces Odradek as a deliberately undefined protagonist. It is simultaneously a thing, an object, which he describes as an informal entanglement of threads, and a being, a living organism able to move, talk, and even laugh. It is also, and primarily, a word, seemingly uprooted from any language. Odradek suggests an open field for interpretation, but in the first place, it emphasizes the potential of the caring gaze and of closely paid attention to animate the inanimate, which blur the boundaries between object and subject  (…)

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